Anti Money Laundering

At FGC Money we strongly value our customers and take our obligations seriously. As a Payment Service Provider, we are at risk of being exploited by money launderers. We fully recognise that we have legal obligations to do all we can to prevent the abuse of our services.

Due to this, FGC have put measures in place to make it more difficult for criminals to abuse the financial system. We implement straight forward KYC, KYB and enhanced due diligence procedures to identify all clients who register with us. Sometimes extra checks have to be carried out in order to proceed with opening of a foreign exchange account. We may ask for further identification and if you are asked to provide this then please do not think that we are suspicious of you in any way, this information is being taken to protect you, safeguard our business and is a legal requirement that we must fulfil.

Regulations issued by the Government mean that you must prove who you say you are if you want to hold an account with a financial company. If you require any further help about this, please contact our team email: info@fgcmoney.com