International Money Transfer Service

International Money Transfer Service

Our History so far:

  • NOV 2008: FGC Money established by Sher Khan-Agha, an ex-city banker to cater for the demand of money transfer clients. FGC Money is a trading name for “Frontier Global Consultants Ltd”, which has been incorporated in England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985.
  • JULY 2009: Company began operations in July 2009 at its first office in London. This is where the company successfully registered with FSA to become a SPI (small payment institute) in Nov 2009.
  • FEB 2010: FGC Money appoints ex-Scotland Yard Senior Police Officer, Simon Dilloway as its MLR & Compliance Consultants.
  • AUG 2010: Former banker, Munir Ahmed Khan, joins FGC Money as Head of UK Commercial Operations. Munir has multi level international banking experience and has held senior management positions with Natwest, Islamic Bank of Britain and Barclays Commercial.
  • SEPT 2010: FGC Money appoints Peter Hill as director and Head of Treasury. Peter in a highly experienced banker and FX trader, having worked for Allied Irish Capital Market, RBS and BMW.
  • NOV 2010: FGC Money host a high profile seminar at Hilton Leeds aimed at “Maximising profitability amidst Global recession”. The event is publicised and draws in over 150 senior influencers from across the North of England, attendees including managers from PwC, Barclays Corporate and several leading private accountant firms.
  • JUNE 2011: Company successfully registers FGC Money as its Trademark.
  • JULY 2011: FGC Online trading platform is launched to satisfy the requirements of its 4000 business and private clients.
  • AUG 2011: Company acquires a larger, 20 man office in Leeds city centre, to satisfy its rapidly growing staffing requirements.
  • SEPT 2011: FGC Money is approved by the FSA as an API (authorised payment institute).
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Why we have anti-money laundering procedures

The UK is a leading international financial centre with a highly regarded reputation. This is why companies in the financial sector can become an attractive target to money launderers (criminals who try to conceal the origin of their funds so that they can turn it into legitimate money). Due to this, measures have been put in place by the government to make it more difficult for criminals to abuse the financial system.

We implement straight forward KYC, KYB and enhanced due diligence procedures to identify all clients who register with us. Sometimes extra checks have to be carried out in order to proceed with opening of a foreign exchange account. Occasionally, we may ask for further identification and if you are asked to provide this then please do not think that we are suspicious of you in any way, this information is being taken to protect you, safeguard our business and is a legal requirement that we must fulfill.

Regulations issued by the Government mean that you must prove who you say you are if you want to hold an account with a financial company. If you require any further help about this, please contact our team on 0113 243 033 or email:

What we offer you

  • International transfers
  • Live exchange rate quotes
  • Dedicated corporate dealers
  • Online payment platform
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Worldwide Money Transactions

  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Paying overseas suppliers
  • Guaranteed savings
  • So simple and safe
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Overseas Property Payments

  • Buying overseas property
  • Regular transfer plan
  • Emigration
  • Excellent conversion rates
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